How I work

As an Integrative personal consultant, psychotherapist counselling and coach. In therapy, I bring with me, my lived, working experience and academic knowledge, to tailor individual needs. I believe everyone, is an unique individual and therapeutic approaches needs to change from time to time, to what every stages of life situation a person is going through. In therapy I work collaboratively with you, to access your internal resource, to enhance and build your strength to manage your issue  or situation, that works best for you. Sometimes the journey to self-discovery can be challenging. During which period, I provide you a holding space and walk with you in your journy, to explore how best to manage the situation and make wiser deicision in your life and make it fun as it suite you. Sometimes in life we make thing more complicated for our self when we are walking alone in that journey. But by having someone walking along side us, we are able to see, hear, understand and think better.

I work with children, young adult and adult/parents to manage anxiety, trauma, depression, pregnancy, post pregnancy, postnatal depression, trauma of IVF fertility treatment, relationship issue, miscarriage, abortion, loss, separation, suicidal paranoid thought, culture clash, cultute differences in relationship and schizophrenia mental health disorder.

I have over 20 years of professional helping profession in education and volunteer work. Where I worked with various professional body in and out of education and home to managing difficult behaviour with children who have autism, dyslexia, global learning difficulties, emotional and social anxiety that effect their academic learning. All of which led me to educate and establish myself as a professional Psychotherapy Counsellor and Coach for now 8 years.


I counsel in English, Gujarati and Hindi.