About Therapy

Often in life we all reach a point where you feel confused, feel life is becoming a challenged, unable to cope, feel your world is falling apart. You find daily demand of life, work, education and family expectation all too much. Find yourself feeling low and have lost your self esteem and confidence, getting worried about small things, feeling anxious and depress often, finding it difficult to sleep through the night because you are apprehensive about things.
Therapy is about your desire for change, it could be a way to stop feeling anxious, worried, guilty or self-blaming but wanting to find a way to accept or create a change, by letting go of the past, improve your relationship with self and other around you, becoming more confident in yourself, think positive about life and be more of yourself in your own surrounding.
Safe Space
Therapy gives you that safe and confidential space, where you can talk about whatever is on your mind at a pace that suits you. It’s a chance to explore your thoughts from where you are now, to where you would like to be and how you can work towards your goal.  

Talking and being heard in the theraputic relationship is at the heart of the process. Sometime it may be enough in itself to help you gain insight into what is going on for you. Where it gives you the opportunity to reflect and think about the unhelpful life patterns, habitual and behaviour, which contribute in giving you a fresh perspective, to making realistic possibile change into your life.

Therapy  gives you a helpful thinking opportunity to make the necessary changes in your life, because you don't have to deal with all the problems alone in isolation, taking a little professional helping hand or head can make it more manageable and make better decision in your life.
Whatever type of therapy you choose, personal consultant, counselling or coaching, long or short term. Weather you choose to have it weekly or twice a weekly  or monthly,  all which depends on you, your finacially and emotionally ability to conitnue the process to enhance your aspirational and wellbeing.